Easter FREE resource for church services

Easter FREE resource for church services


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When it comes to Easter, there is no better time to connect everyone in the church with the story and message. Here’s the provision of three service outlines, interactive (but not with craft!) and engaging. They offer everyone a chance to consider deeply their personal response to Jesus death and resurrection. But not in the usual way.

WEEK ONE: Explore the stories of Simon, the former leper, and Simon, of Cyrene

WEEK TWO: Explore the story of the Marys rushing to the tomb

WEEK THREE: Get out in your community as a church and come back together to share lunch and stories, prayer and praise

Maybe week three startles you a little. That’s okay because you can use week one and two as a series, and save week three for another day.

Select a narrator and people who will speak on behalf of the two Simons and the two Marys. Gather people in groups to explore aspects of the story they might have never considered. Engage the children in meaningful activities alongside the grown-ups. Send families and households home with additional questions to explore. Print off and hand to families with primary-aged children questions they can ask each other in the to and/or from school journey.
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