Frequently Asked Questions

Is mainly Ministries offering to come to our church and run a ministry to families with young children?

No – our role is to resource your volunteer team, ensuring they are not overwhelmed and have a place to start. Volunteers often worry about failing; we have resources that will help them prepare, start and keep going.

What are you actually offering?

We have a question too.

Why do you want to connect with your local community? Would you allow us to talk that through before answering your question?

I’m looking for a way to challenge our church people to put their faith into action. Can you help guide us through this process?

Yes. Our passion is to contribute to a way in which local church people can reveal Jesus in their neighbourhood, through their lives, their words and their actions. Is this going to cost a lot?

No. Our solutions are affordable and going forward, are sustainable and mostly self-funding. We encourage churches to keep a budget line, no matter how small, so that the ministry does not isolate itself and become self-sufficient.

Does mainly Ministries provide training?

Yes. Not only in conference and workshop settings, but in on-line hubs and through coaching sessions.

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