Community engagement solutions

Solutions that ensure the local church has a sense of 'we own this'.

A story from one of our partners:

Sarah came to our group three years ago for a very short time with two pre-schoolers. She was open to deeper life discussions. In time, she came to church, attended both a long story short and Alpha course, loved what Jesus offered and was baptised!

In her testimony, she shared about the wonderful hospitality (meals) and support offered by a team member at a very low time in her life. She is now involved with our CAP (Christians Against Poverty) ministry.


Solutions that strategically connect with your church’s purpose.

Stories from our partners:

#1: Every 2-3 weeks, we say, “We are members at this church and ...” One Vietnamese lady asked, “What is Easter about?” Sandra was able to chat about Easter. This mother comes from another faith background but has friends who are followers of Jesus. In response to the conversation, Sandra put out a paper about Easter, giving simple Bible references that could be looked up on their phones.

#2: Peter, our Minister, has been grabbing a coffee with Brett, one of the dads. They sit during morning tea to explore faith using The Word One-to-One resource.Last year, the church decided to run an Alpha for the families who come to our group.

Three mums attended. One mum who has faith but didn't read her Bible; now she does. Another Alpha is planned. This time to be held in the evenings at a workplace; a kitchen outlet. More mums have signed up.

Two families are now attending church since we started the group five months ago. One has been going to a Bible study group. After getting to know more families through the sessions, they felt comfortable to attend church on a Sunday.


Solutions that provide a safe space for volunteers to develop leadership skills.

A story from someone developing their leadership skills:

Regarding the Leadership Cluster for next year, I would love to do a sixth year and was so hoping there was one!

I will email the current leaders who participate about this. I think they will jump at the invitation. We all find Leadership Cluster very valuable and love our time together. I personally have learned a lot and have made great connections.


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